August 19, 2011


After so long it seems incredible but we just received the news by special Torpedo-Express Mail  : Le Bathyscaphe 7 is arriving soon! It seems that we'll be able to post a launch date pretty soon.  For now, we are able to announce the names of the team of this forthcoming issue :

Romy Ashby, Anne-Marie Beeckman, Jean-Yves Bériou, Daniel Canty, Maïcke Castegnier, Geneviève Castrée, Maxime Catellier, Benoît Chaput, Byron Coley, Bérengère Cournut, Patrice Desbiens,  Julie Doucet, Hélène Frédérick, Joël Gayraud, Sarah Gilbert, Dan Hillier, Thierry Horguelin, A.J. Kinik,  Gabriel Landry, Gabriel Levine, Setrak Manoukian, Thurston Moore, Monsieur Moulino (Marc Pantanella), Antoine Peuchmaurd, Barthélémy Schwartz, Valérie Webber, Emma Young

And we heard that the following subjects will be covered :

Albuquerque beyond Good and Evil, secrets of the Other World, Capitain Beefheart as seen by Patrice Desbiens in 1970, interview with the great surrealist artist Jean Benoit, the Cascadia coast, on the passing of Ira Cohen, the run for private primary schools, Justice for André Dhôtel,  Jacques Higelin, mysteries of Michael Hurley, guest teaching at the Jack Kerouak School of Disembodied Poetics (Naropa), Lac Saint-Jean and boredom, singer Eric Lapointe and Quebec's National Fest, Nancy Luce and Martha's Vineyard, Bruno Montpied and Anarchist gardens, Montréal in the movies, Odilon-Jean Périer, books on the table of Pierre Peuchmaurd, Sex and the Internet, Surréalism and After-War Art, the mysterious Doctor Tran, the Throwing Muses, the Tuba player of  Mile-End's railroad and our Great Game and Unusual Typography!

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